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“You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression”
Headshots are about your brand – whether you are an individual or part of a corporation, headshots are part of your marketing package and getting the right shot can make all the difference.

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We’re passionate about making images that are unique, personal, expressive and most importantly images that portray the real you! We’re here to eliminate those bad selfie profile photos! We aim to produce headshots that you will be completely happy with, that “sells you" and captures the very qualities that make you unique.

We’re good at making you comfortable in front of the lens…our style of photography is engaging and natural and our photo sessions are always approached with a sense of fun...

What will set your headshot apart from others is the power of communication. It is a mixture of charisma, energy and engagement that communicates with the person or company looking at you.

Whether it is in the studio or on location we work with you to capture your unique personality in a portrait photograph that you’ll love. We can help you choose the best backdrop or location to tailored to your industry and we’ll direct you to capture the perfect expression. On location portraits say a lot about who you are in a split second. Useful for editorial and advertising purposes as well as ensuring you maintain brand consistency, we can photograph you with the logo of your company, at your desk and in many other location scenarios to make for a unique executive portrait.

The Process

This is your one opportunity to make a good first impression, so make the most of your time in the spotlight! Come looking your best with hair and makeup done and be sure to dress to impress! Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and will convey the look that you’re after (corporate, relaxed business style, creative etc). If you’ve chosen one of our packages with multiple ‘looks’ bring a selection of clothes to give you a broad choice (no big distracting patterns though).

We have some standard packages for individuals and groups (minimum of three people), however nothing is off the table... let us know what you need and we will sort it out. We often do half day and full day shoots for larger groups.

See below for details on our packages including pricing.

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