Blog • October 2020 Put your signature away.

Are you signing off in hot pink?

We’ve all seen it, but nothing gives us heart palpitations faster than scrolling down to the end of an email to a signature that has been lovingly ‘customised’. “Comic sans in hot pink just really resonates with my fun and vibrant personality”, we imagine them saying. But, what has love got to do with it?

Everything actually.

But it’s brand love, not personal loves. As ambassadors of the brands we work for, we have a responsibility to represent the brand and its values at every interaction. Anything we do that is outside of this, chips away at the core of brand identity and value, and leaves us reaching for the defibrillator.

But what if your company doesn’t have any brand guidelines? Then it’s a great opportunity to set a consistent tone and voice across the business and unify the presentation of your brand to clients and stakeholders. And if this leaves you clutching for your chest, drop us a line and we can help to take the stress out of putting your brand’s best foot forward.

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