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October 2020

Are you signing off in hot pink? We’ve all seen it, but nothing gives us heart palpitations faster than scrolling down to the end of an email to a signature that has been lovingly ‘customised’. “Comic sans in hot pink just really resonates with my fun and vibrant personality”, we imagine them saying.…

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How being Slack has made us more productive.

August 2020

There’s no doubt that email has revolutionised the way we do business and connect with clients, suppliers, colleagues, and of course, click frenzy deals. But do you ever get that awful, sinking feeling when you open your mail to see the progress bar and tally of new messages being downloaded? It’s a…

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Virtual me vs reality.

May 2020

It struck me the other day that with many people working from home and interactions online; how different is the virtual me to reality? I too have been laughing at the #zoomfail videos and experienced a naked man walking into the background of my online pilates class (yes, really), but wonder, do we…

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